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[ ]{#Why_isn’t_Rommel_in_the_game_in_1936?} Why isn't Rommel in the game in 1936?

Before being promoted to the rank of Major General in September, 1939, Erwin Rommel was first an instructor and then commander of the War Academy in Wiener Neustadt. He is not in the game before 1939 because Major General is the lowest rank the game engine acknowledges.

[ ]{#How_come_I_lose_a_lot_of_leaders?} How come I lose a lot of leaders?

A leader can be killed if he is involved in a battle and the current year is his death year. A leader's death year is contained in the leader files. There are a few tools in utilities section that can remove the death date, but they will only affect future games, not any saved games you may be playing.

[ ]{#I_have_some_leaders_left_but_why_they_are_not_assigned_to_armies_with_no_leaders?} I have some leaders left but why they are not assigned to armies with no leaders?

Make sure you turn on auto-assign and wait for one day. If it does not work, then one of these scenarios is true:

  • Your remaining leaders have higher leadership capacity than the number of divisions in the army. For example: if you have many generals and no mj. general left, your 1 division armies will not get an auto assigned leader.
  • Your remaining leaders have lower leadership capacity than the number of divisions in the army. For example: if you have many mj. generals but no general left, your 9 division armies will not get an auto assigned leader.

[ ]{#Why_the_leader’s_experience_becomes_0_when_I_promote_him?} Why the leader's experience becomes 0 when I promote him?

It is reset to 0 every time you promote the leader. Also note that the leader's skill is reduced by one point as well with a promotion.

[ ]{#Does_the_historical_promotion_date_in_leader_file_allow_my_leader_to_be_auto-promoted_at_that_year?} Does the historical promotion date in leader file allow my leader to be auto-promoted at that year?

No, it only determines the starting rank of leaders when the scenario starts.


General Unit Questions

[ ]{#My_aircraft/ships_never_get_repaired!_What_can_I_do?} My aircraft/ships never get repaired! What can I do?

You may prioritize units for upgrade/repair by clicking the "Prioritize" checkbox in the bottom left-hand corner of the unit's information window. Units with this option checked will be repaired and upgraded before units without this option checked. It is important to note that ships cannot be upgraded. Also bear in mind that if you prioritize most of your units, you'll still have to wait for the CPU to work through that repair/upgrade queue. Only prioritize the ones you need most. Of course you will need to allocate some IC to your "reinforcements" slider to repair all unit types, even ships.

[ ]{#How_to_target_a_specific_province_with_air_units?} How to target a specific province with air units?

It is not possible. You can only target an area. However, ground attack and interdiction missions will tend to target provinces where combat is occurring. This can be further encouraged by setting the air units' mission to begin an hour after land combat starts.

[ ]{#How_to_move_garrison_to_another_island?} How to move garrison to another island?

Move transports (with enough capacity) to the province's port, select the garrison and press the load button. Send the transport to the island you wish to deploy the garrison unit.

[ ]{#Why_I_can_not_rebase_my_aircraft_and_naval_units_to_my_ally’s_province?} Why I can not rebase my aircraft and naval units to my ally's province?

To rebase them, you need to make sure that the province has naval or air base. Moreover, it is not possible to do that during peace time. You must be at war to use an ally's bases.

[ ]{#How_do_I_strategically_redeploy_units?} How do I strategically redeploy units?

The following requirements must be satisfied for Strategic Redeployment (SR):

  • Rear Area Supply Dumps (an Infantry tech) is researched.
  • There is a land connection between the current location of division and the target.

Select the unit(s). Hold ctrl + right click in the destination province. For garrisons, a simple right click will do.

  • NOTE: you can not SR thru an ally's territory unless you are at war.

[ ]{#How_to_perform_airborne_assault?} How to perform airborne assault?

Airborne assault is a mission that must be completed using paratrooper division and transport plane. Each transport plane can carry one airborne division. To be able to perform the mission, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Battlefield Interdiction Doctrine (air doctrine tech) has been researched.
  • Target province is within the transport's range.
  • The transport plane has to be at full organization. To make sure that the air transport is at full organization, click on the air transport formation and pause over the organization bar; if it's says daily regain is greater than zero, then the air transport is not yet back to full organization.
  • The paratrooper and transport must be in the same province. Load the paratrooper just before the mission begins. Use offensive supply for the para if you can afford it.
  • Weather must not be stormy (stormy weather grounds all air operations).
  • Also note that flying divisions around with air transports is not allowed in the game. Historically divisions in WW2 moved around by land or sea. Gliders also were a component of every air transport fleet. Smaller units that are not represented in the game were sometimes flown in as reinforcements, but entire divisions were not air transported in WW2.
  • Air supply can be done in small quantities by air transports after you have researched the 2nd 1940 air transport model.
  • See also this Paratrooper FAQ

[ ]{#I’m_unable_to_rebase_planes_onto_my_carriers!_What’s_wrong?} I'm unable to rebase planes onto my carriers! What's wrong?

Unlike in original HoI, in Hearts of Iron 2 you cannot place aircraft squadrons on carrier vessels (CV). There is special brigade attachment called "Carrier Air Group" (CAG) that represents planes carried by carrier ships. You must build and deploy CAG's (like other brigades) to take full advantage of carriers. Note that only in Doomsday, there is a new light carrier unit which is built with it's own small air component and to which a CAG can not be attached.

[ ]{#Why_doesn’t_my_HQ_double_the_command_limit_for_my_leaders?} Why doesn't my HQ double the command limit for my leaders?

HQ must be commanded by a General or Field Marshall in an adjacent province to have any effect. HQ allow you to have more div attacking, but they do not allow you to exceed the rank formation capacities of 1, 3, 9, and 12 div. For more information on HQ range, please refer to this guide . For a comprehensive review of land combat and HQ, review Land Combat Efficiency FAQ .

[ ]{#How_to_select_more_than_one_air_groups?} How to select more than one air groups?

Select one air group and hold the shift key while drawing a box (hold left mouse button and drag it) around the air base icon.

[ ]{#Why_can’t_I_merge_certain_air_groups_together?} Why can't I merge certain air groups together?

In 1.2 there is a limit of 4 divisions in an air group. This parameter can be changed in the \db\ misc.txt file.

NOTE: Currently, in 1.3a, the above limitation applies only to the human player and not the AI. If you undo "fog of war" you will see stacks ranging from five to ten, sometimes higher. To test this, try saving the game and reloading as another nation. If the nation you've selected has a large air force, then in the game log you will immediately see a list of squadrons being "reassigned" as this rule is implemented due to you taking control. It remains unclear whether this is a bug or a design decision.

[ ]{#What_is_the_purpose_of_higher_ranked_air_leaders_when_there_is_a_limitation_of_4_air_units_to_a_formation?} What is the purpose of higher ranked air leaders when there is a limitation of 4 air units to a formation?

If more than 4 air units engage in one combat, you get an over command max penalty of -25 for each unit above the leader's rank command capacity. Two air groups of four fighting in the same air space would need either an Air General or an Air Marshall leading one of the two groups. With Lt Gen in charge of each group, four of the eight air units would get this penalty.

[ ]{#Is_it_better_to_create_homogenous_or_mixed_stacks?} Is it better to create homogenous or mixed stacks?

This question can be applied to stacks of troops or their brigades, and it has everything to do with speed. Homogenous troop stacks should always be better, so they maintain the speed of the movement. Once you have a homogenous troop stack, it helps to have specialized roles sometimes, especially when it comes to engineering squads (which raise the speed of movement again), and allow the entire stack to storm across rivers, or artillery (which lowers speed of all by 1, but adds great attack bonuses). When it comes to defence, you can mix AA, and AT and even police. "Just remember the movement speed" is the best answer here.

[ ]{#Why_can’t_my_troops_dig_in?} Why can't my troops dig in?

You need the 1936 basic construction engineering tech. Your troops can not dig in while you are at peace. They automatically start digging in when you are at war. If they move or attack or support attack, they lose their dug in status and then have to start digging in again.


[ ]{#Can_I_upgrade_ships?} Can I upgrade ships?

No, you can not. You may only upgrade land and air units as well as brigade attachments. Carrier Air Groups (CAG) attached to carriers (or in your TC pool) can be upgraded. The Armageddon expansion introduced naval brigades which can enhance the stats of the ships they're attached to. Those - like all other brigades - can be upgraded normally.

[ ]{#Why_is_my_light_armor_upgraded_to_medium_armor?} Why is my light armor upgraded to medium armor?

After you researched basic medium armor, they will be upgraded automatically since medium armor has superior statistics compared to light armor. Even speed for medium armor divisions is better than light armor.


[ ]{#Why_do_I_suffer_so_much_Manpower-Drain_during_the_winter?} Why do I suffer so much Manpower-Drain during the winter?

This is a bug, which was fixed in patch 1.2.

If you ever attacked the Soviet Union during the winter, you will notice this. The MP drains very fast. According to this thread , it is a bug that can by circumvented by stopping reinforcements during winter. The attrition damage will be much lower and the troops can survive the winter.

Technology and Research

[ ]{#How_many_tech_teams_slots_can_a_country_have?} How many tech teams slots can a country have?

Countries can have a maximum of 5. Each country starts with one. For every 20 base IC (modifiers do not matter for this), a country gets 1 more tech team slot. 20 to 39 base has two slots, 40 to 59 base has three slots, 60 to 79 base has four slots, and 80+ means the maximum of 5 slots.

[ ]{#Why_isn’t_Rolls-Royce_in_the_game?} Why isn't Rolls-Royce in the game?

From Johnny Cannuck :
In terms of Rolls-Royce, the decision was made to exclude it on the basis that the major British aircraft manufacturers were already included, such as Supermarine. Not having Rolls-Royce does not in any real way affect the ability of the British to research aircraft techs.

This same theory also applies to other tech teams, organizations, and corporations that exist in the real world but are not present in the game. Oftentimes, they simply duplicate what is already in a nation's tech team list and do not add anything new to the nation's ability to research tech. This is most commonly seen in tech tree branches that are linear, like nuclear research or synthetic oil production. You may only research one of these techs at a time, so there is really no need for other teams in the game that have the same skills.

[ ]{#What_effect_does_blueprint_have?} What effect does blueprint have?

It halves the research time.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_blue_and_red_specialties?} What is the difference between blue and red specialties?

Red denotes doctrines.

[ ]{#Why_the_last_part_(fifth)_of_the_research_sub-topic_seem_to_take_longer_time_than_the_others?} Why the last part (fifth) of the research sub-topic seem to take longer time than the others?

The last part of many research categories take twice as long as the other sub-topics. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire in-game way of knowing whether a particular category has a double_time last component. Although a good rule of thumb is that if the last component is named either "prototype" or "processes" it will take twice as long as normal. Version 1.2 highlights the difficult component with a very high value e.g. 20.

[ ]{#What_effect_does_it_have_if_I_have_research_team_with_matching_specialty_with_my_research_topic?} What effect does it have if I have research team with matching specialty with my research topic?

The sub-topic that uses that matching specialty will have the research time halved. There is much more information available in the Research guide.

[ ]{#What’s_the_deal_with_oil_conversion_techs?} What's the deal with oil conversion techs?

See the primer on Energy_to_Oil_Conversion .

[ ]{#What_do_Encryption/Decryption_technologies_actually_do?} What do Encryption/Decryption technologies actually do?

The Army Detection chance modifiers affect your ability to see what type of units and exactly how many your enemy has. That is, if your decryption is higher than the enemy's encryption, you gain information on unit composition, numbers, etc, and it works in reverse as well, hiding the true composition of your forces from the enemy.

Surprise Chance modifiers are applied to combat efficiency. When you attack a territory, you may surprise your enemy, gaining a 20% bonus. You may check for this bonus by holding the cursor over any unit in combat.

IntOp Chance modifiers are used to determine various events within the game, such as stealing blueprints, sabotage events, and assassination attempts. The true mechanism for triggering these events remains a mystery.

Province Improvement

[ ]{#Where_is_the_best_place_to_build_a_new_factory?} Where is the best place to build a new factory?

In provinces with high infrastructure factories will be completed faster than in lower ones.

If you are playing DD this does not apply. A factory built in a 40% infra province will be built in exactly same time as in a 100% infra province.

[ ]{#Does_increasing_infrastructure_also_increase_the_resource_output_of_the_province?} Does increasing infrastructure also increase the resource output of the province?


Some players have claimed that in a handful of low-infrastructure (eg. 20), high resource-yield provinces, you can increase resource yield by increasing infrastructure, but this has never been verified. Note that the machine tool techs increase both IC and resource production, so when players see resource increases, it would more likely be due to the machine tool tech rather than to increasing infrastructure.

There is very little you can do to increase resource extraction except to liberate puppets since puppets are limited to 1000 of each resource and give their master the excess. A formula explaining the resource extraction parameters is given in this thread: Formula for resources from non-national provinces . Resource extraction can go down due to strategic bombing and to battle damage; pause over one of the resource icons to see the current and maximum %.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_size_1_and_size_10_airbase/navalbase?} What is the difference between size 1 and size 10 airbase/navalbase?

All bases can hold as many divisions/ships as you care to put there. The size of the base determines how fast those units regain organization and strength. Units based in a facility above its size capacity will regain organization and strength at a much lower rate.

[ ]{#What_is_the_purpose_of_radar_station?} What is the purpose of radar station?

The functions are:

  • Reduces enemy air units' combat efficiency by 2.5% for each level of radar you have in the territory.
  • The effectiveness of this factor can be increased by research. A 30% radar efficiency would mean 1.3*2.5.
  • Coastal radar stations have a combat air battle factor in adjacent seazones. On land, however, each province's radar is used only for that province without any adjacency effects.
  • Radar stations do not detect naval units .
  • Radar is absolutely vital for a good air-defence in HOI2 and HOI2 DD versions 1.0 and 1.1:
    • Without it the airunits on air-superiority missions will just move towards random provinces within the area.
    • With it, the airunit will know about any planes nearby that is heading to/through the province with the radar.
  • Radar does not provide detection after HOI2DD 1.2 through ARMA 1.2. Two comments by Johan on pg 2 of a long thread: Johan mentions but does not explain the change
  • In ARMA, Radar improves naval engagement range
  • Since radar is intelligence related, it's always us vs them comparisons for spotting purposes. Slider (open vs closed society), relative tech levels for encryption and decryption, and difficulty levels influence how well radar detects the enemy.

[ ]{#What_do_Rocket_Test_Facilities_and_Nuclear_Reactors_do?} What do Rocket Test Facilities and Nuclear Reactors do?

Both of these techs reduce the amount of time needed to research Rocketry and Nuclear Research respectively. The more test facilities/reactors you have, the less time it takes to complete research in those fields. In addition, a nuclear reactor of sufficient size is needed to build an atomic bomb.

More information on the effects (including a statistical breakdown) these facilities can be found in the Research guide.


[ ]{#Where_is_the_option_to_puppet_a_nation?} Where is the option to puppet a nation?

Unlike in previous Paradox games, puppeting is no longer an explicit option in the diplomacy menu. You now have to go to "Sue for Peace", then "Insist on Demands", and puppeting is available as a checkbox option.

[ ]{#Why_can’t_I_trade_blueprints?} Why can't I trade blueprints?

You may only trade blueprints with allied nations, your puppets or your puppet master (as the case may be) that have not researched the technology yet.

[ ]{#Why_can’t_I_trade_provinces?} Why can't I trade provinces?

You may only trade provinces with allied nations.

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_how_to_increase_Italy’s_chance_to_join_my_alliance?} Playing as Germany, how to increase Italy's chance to join my alliance?

It is necessary to conquer Belgium's European provinces as well as Paris to encourage Italy joining Axis.

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_how_to_increase_Hungary’s_chance_to_join_my_alliance?} Playing as Germany, how to increase Hungary's chance to join my alliance?

Hungary is not at war and at least one of these conditions must be true:

  • Germany is at war with Yugoslavia
  • Germany is at war with Soviet

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_how_to_increase_Romania’s_chance_to_join_my_alliance?} Playing as Germany, how to increase Romania's chance to join my alliance?

Romania is not at war and at least one of these conditions must be true:

  • Germany is at war with Hungary
  • Germany is at war with Soviet
  • Soviet claimed Bessarabia
  • Vienna Diktat is denied by Germany

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_how_to_increase_Finland’s_chance_to_join_my_alliance?} Playing as Germany, how to increase Finland's chance to join my alliance?

Finland is not at war and at least one of these conditions must be true:

  • Germany is at war with Soviet
  • Winter war occurred

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_how_to_increase_Bulgaria’s_chance_to_join_my_alliance?} Playing as Germany, how to increase Bulgaria's chance to join my alliance?

Bulgaria is not at war and at least one of these conditions must be true:

  • Germany is at war with Yugoslavia
  • Germany is at war with Romania and Romania is not in Soviet's alliance

[ ]{#Playing_as_Germany,_what_nations_may_join_my_alliance_via_event?} Playing as Germany, what nations may join my alliance via event?

As Germany the nations you can get alliances with via events are : Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, USSR.

  • Following the annexation of Yugoslavia an event will fire giving you the option to free Croatia in return for some free infantry divisions and they will join your alliance.
  • The Austrian anschluss event allows you to ally with Austria rather than annexing them, if you so desire.
  • The Molotov Ribbentrop pact event gives the USSR an opportunity to offer Germany an alliance. (The "Unholy Alliance") This is very rare to happen though and the AI tends to perform poorly under this arrangement.
  • Slovakia and Czechoslovakia can both be brought to the axis also through different paths in the End of Czechoslovakia event chain.
  • Hungary can be got through the Czechoslovakian event chain, if the Czechs decide to fight against Germany then Hungary will side with Germany.


[ ]{#Why_doesn’t_the_build_time/cost_change_when_I_change_ministers_or_research_a_new_tech?} Why doesn't the build time/cost change when I change ministers or research a new tech?

Any modifier that affects build time and IC cost, such as a minister change, an assembly-line tech, or event, has no effect on what is already in the build queue. New production orders created after the change will take into account any sort of time/cost modifiers. As of the 1.2 patch in the HoI2:Doomsday expansion, build times and costs do change.

[ ]{#Why_do_I_have_a_red_number_in_my_factory_information_display?} Why do I have a red number in my factory information display?

A red number indicates you have some wasted industrial capacity .

Transport Capacity

Transport Capacity (TC) is described in the TC tooltip rollover as trucks trains and river barges which are used to supply your armed forces with fuel and supply. TC is an abstract number as it is primarily based upon Industrial Capacity. The various modifiers that affect TC are shown in the tooltip:

TC is a direct function of IC – each point of IC gives you 1.5 TC

Note that IC for the TC calcuation is overall IC - it is not base IC. Multiply your overall IC by the two modifiers (technology and minister) and then by your infantry supply techs to get your Transport Capacity number. Ex.: multiply overall modified IC of 349 by 1.5 and then by 1.3 if you have the three infantry supply techs to get 681 TC.

The tooltip then repeats the overall TC status by displaying Used TC and Available TC. That line is followed by a list of modifiers that affect the TC calculation:

  • Technology Modifier on IC -> TC
  • Minister Modifier on IC ->TC
  • Fuel and Supply Transportation
  • Occupied Territory Maintenance
  • Redeployment Load
  • Partisan Activity
  • Undeployed Bases

The net effect of these modifiers are calculated and shown as:

== Current supply efficiency: 100.00%

Also note that convoys used for oversea resources and units are NOT part of the TC calculation. TC is very abstract as it is primarily based upon Industrial capacity. If convoys were used for countries like Japan , UK , and USA as part of the TC calculation, that would also severely handicap those countries that have to operate overseas and make a difficult situation almost impossible to handle within the game.


Each of the following technology's has a positive +10% TC modifier:

[ ]{#What_happen_if_my_TC_is_overloaded_(displayed_in_red)?} What happen if my TC is overloaded (displayed in red)?

Your troops will have lower supply efficiency , they gain org slower and thier speed will be reduced.

Further Information

Refer to the Transport Capacity and Supply Efficiency FAQ for more information.

Transport Capacity in HOI2 v1.3

  • Partisan Activity greatly increased by a factor of 4x. You need to actively suppress partisans in order to improve your TC. [# TC Load from partisans changed from 3.0 to 12.]
  • Base Partisan levels no longer decrease in annexed territory. Partisan levels slowly rise in all non national territory. [controlled by Nationalism settings in \db\misc.txt. # Monthly Nationalism reduction was 0.2 and is changed to -0.002 for version 1.3]
  • Building garrison div and MP bde is the best way to suppress partisan activity. The more that partisans are suppressed, the better that your TC will be when you are conquering territory.
  • Occupied Territory Maintenance (OTM) decreases by 1/3. Less OTM but much higher Partisan Activity.
    • [These OTM and partisan factors are controlled by the \db\misc.txt file.]
  • Accepting events like Vichy becomes even more important. Provinces acquired in events have only a 2% partisan activity base while in annexed territory the partisan activity base is much higher (24% for Germany). Partisan base level is 32% for Germany in occupied territory.
  • Both liberation and releasing colonies get dissent penalties in 1.3 Dissent from liberation ranges from 0.5 for democracies to 5 for authoritarian governments (puppet part of the government slider). Note that only in Doomsday, the dissent hit for liberation is cut in half for smaller countries which have around 5 or fewer total Victory Points.
  • Releasing colonies gets a even larger dissent hit; this is controlled by the new \db\events\colonial_release file in 1.3
  • Dissent is about a 1.5x multiplier for partisans. Get rid of dissent immediately in order to reduce partisan effects on your TC.

Partisan and Dissent

[ ]{#Why_do_I_have_a_high_dissent_level?} Why do I have a high dissent level?

Some of the causes:

  • Not enough consumer goods allocated
  • Event effect
  • Change of minister
  • Not enough supply

[ ]{#How_to_reduce_dissent?} How to reduce dissent?

Dissent can be reduced by increasing the production of consumer goods. Certain events also reduce dissent level.

[ ]{#How_to_reduce_partisan_level?} How to reduce partisan level?

Reduce any dissent and put garrisons with MP brigades in high partisan activity provinces. Make sure to set the garrison's mission to 'anti-partisan duty'.

[ ]{#Will_occupied/annexed_non_national_provinces_have_0%_partisan_level?} Will occupied/annexed non national provinces have 0% partisan level?


[ ]{#Will_occupied/annexed_provinces_ever_reach_0%_partisan_level?,_and_stay_there_without_any_units_nearby?} Will occupied/annexed provinces ever reach 0% partisan level?, and stay there without any units nearby?

No. In 1.3 base partisan levels do not decrease but instead will slightly increase over time. You get the lowest base partisan level when accepting events like Vichy (2%). Annexed territory has a much higher base partisan level (25% for Germany) while occupied territory has the highest base (33% for Germany).

Garrison divisions or garrison divisions with military police (MP) brigades on antipartisan missions are the best way to reduce partisan levels.

In previous versions of the game (1 thru 1.2), partisan levels in annexed territory would gradually reduce to 2%.

Game Play

[ ]{#Does_the_game_have_to_end_on_January_1,_1948?} Does the game have to end on January 1, 1948?

No. There is a utility to remove the end date.

[ ]{#Can_I_turn_off_fog_of_war?} Can I turn off fog of war?

Yes. Press F12 and type in 'nofog' (without quotes). Press ctrl + F12 to close the console screen.

[ ]{#Why_do_I_keep_getting_‘Great_War_Demonstrations’_as_Germany?} Why do I keep getting 'Great War Demonstrations' as Germany?

You need to read the text of the event. The demonstrations will stop as soon as you send a land unit into Cologne.

[ ]{#How_do_I_delete_old_saved_games?} How do I delete old saved games?

Unfortunately, there is no way to do so within the game itself. Instead, just open windows explorer and navigate to the save games folder. The default is c:\program files\paradox interactive\hearts of iron 2\scenarios\save games. Each save game has two parts, a *.eug and a *.cfg. Delete both of these files for each save game you want to remove.

To make this process easier in the future, create a shortcut to the above directory on your desktop or other convenient location.

[ ]{#How_do_I_re-organize_(air)_units?} How do I re-organize (air) units?

Select a unit of the type (air/land/sea) you want to re-group in the province you want. Holding down on the shift key and the left mouse button, lasso/draw a circle around the unit's sprite or counter. You will have a list of units in the left panel. CTRL-shift click off any unit you do not want in the new group. Hit the merge button (at the bottom of that left panel) to create your new formation.

NOTE: You can not create air formations of more than 4 units

[ ]{#How_do_I_perform_a_‘blitzkrieg’_attack?} How do I perform a 'blitzkrieg' attack?

Select the formation you wish to make an "exploiting" attack with. Right click on the first province you wish to attack. Now hold down on the shift key and right click on a target deeper into enemy territory.

With this type of attack, your unit does not need to wait for 24 hours before renewing its assault. It will immediately attack the "deeper" defender after it defeats the defender of the first province.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_ministers_that_give_intelligence_bonus_and_army_intelligence_bonus?} What is the difference between ministers that give intelligence bonus and army intelligence bonus?

Army intelligence will provide more information regarding enemy troops in adjacent provinces. If your army intelligence and decryption tech are low, instead of seeing the exact number of divisions, you will only see rough estimate of it. Intelligence provides bonus to random events such as the ability to steal blueprint from the enemy.

[ ]{#Can_you_get_energy_from_nuclear_plants?And_what_does_the_nuclear_plant_tech_description_mean_by"get_50%_more_energy_in"_nuclear_plant?} Can you get energy from nuclear plants? And what does the nuclear plant tech description mean by "get 50% more energy in" nuclear plant?

No, that tech increases the effect of nuclear plants with 50% (faster nuclear research and nuclear bomb building), it's simply a bad description.

[ ]{#How_much_of_a_province_resources_and_industry_do_you_get_when_you_occupy_a_province?_And_what_do_you_gain_by_annexing_the_former_owner_of_the_province?} How much of a province resources and industry do you get when you occupy a province? And what do you gain by annexing the former owner of the province?

You only receive 20% (+ any minister bonus, foreign IC use) of the industrial output of an occupied or annexed area. You receive 50% of base resources in annexed territory and 40% in occupied territory. Other modifiers for resources are discussed in this thread and summarized below:

- All Machine Tool Techs apply accordingly. (+5%; 3-times) - The peacetime modifier applies accordingly (for those countries having one like US or UK). - Random event effects of +1% each for "Private Initiative" and "Government nationalizes private sector"). - Resource modification due to difficulty levels (+40%, +20%, 0, -20%, -40% - for v.easy, easy, normal, hard, v.hard). 

You gain nothing in IC, and just a few more resources, by annexing, but the occupied TC drain is removed for annexed countries and base partisan levels are reduced.

UNLESS you have cores in the area, in which case you receive 100% instead for these national provinces for everything (IC, manpower, and resources). Use the Diplomatic Map (map-option-button to the lower left, not the Diplomacy Screen) and then click on any of your own provinces, to find out if you have any neighbours with cores, it will highlight your country in medium-green, your allies in light-green, and any Cores you have in opposing countries in dark-green.

[ ]{#How_do_Convoys_work?} How do Convoys work?

Convoys will usually work fine by clicking on automatic. If you want to manage them yourself:

1) the minimum number is set by the distance that the convoy has to travel

2) that minimum is doubled for supply convoys

3) if you meet the minimum, the number convoyed is 5 for each ticked off box

4) when you go beyond the minimum, each additional convoy carries 2x

5) You can verify the math by looking at the convoy details which will tell you how much has been shipped.

6) Convoys will continue until you have about 10 days supply stockpiled in that area. Convoys are then sent on an as needed basis.